Monday, July 4, 2011

Colima Volcano Tour July 4th, 2011

 Friends visiting us from San Juan Cosalá.

 We did a trekking tour close to the volcano were we had the oportunity to see many types of mushrooms.

 Tree branches were just covered in mushrooms.

 The view from the top Jerelyn and DePaul had been trainning for this tour for the past months and performed excellent!

 Looking casual coming down

 Nice fig tree growing on the top of a volcanic rock
 Nice decoration tree for your garden, Jerelyn and I thought so.
 More mushrooms for white water rafting, right DePaul?

 This cactus I will call it the military cactus

There was a hugh eucalyptus tree that had come down at the beginning of the trail, but we managed to get around it and continue on our adventure of the day! Saludos to our friends Jerelyn, DePaul and Jason who is visiting from Florida.

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